MAWQUALITY offers traditional consultancy services for you to achieve Certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 that include designing and installing a Quality Management System, documenting Management and Operational Procedures and auditing them in readiness for an external auditor to assess you for the certificate.

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MAWQUALITY also offers an inexpensive web application for ISO 9001 called The newly launched software system will enable you to produce your own Quality Management System using a question and answer system. The system is easy to use because it provides example answers that you can use yourself or amend to reflect your own company’s situation. The system also offers advice in easy to understand language and simple guidance to maintaining your certification once it is in place. The system enables you to stop and start again when you have sufficient time so you work at your own pace.

For ISO 9001, which is the main Quality Management Accreditation, you may want to combine both options, for example, install your own Quality Management System using and use MAWQUALITY services for maintaining it thereafter. Choose what is right for you; consultancy,, or a combination of both.

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