The Advantages Of The Web Application

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The web application enables you to produce the documents you need to achieve ISO 9001:2008 for your company. It is an effective programme that enables you to do it yourself. The newly launched web software is easy to follow and will generate your documents for you. It also prepares you for your visit from the certification company.

Here is an example of how it looks:


Have you ever had a quote for getting your documentation in place for ISO9001? It can be expensive. That is because it can be quite time-consuming for a consultant to become familiar with your business and formulate your documents.

This is an alternative method to commissioning a consultant to do the work for you. The advantage is that you can produce the documents yourself, in your own time and without divulging all of your business to someone else. You can start and stop when you wish, and your work is saved until you are ready to begin again. A consultant would demand your time and attention to acquire the information they need to document your Quality Management System (QMS), which could prove time-consuming for you.

Consultants can be expensive as they charge by the hour or by the number of processes you have: therefore if you have many, it can be very expensive, which is no problem if money is no object. The system is a fraction of this cost, and you may not want a consultant to know all about your business, especially if they are also working for your competitors.

The system is easy to understand and to follow. You will feel prepared and confident about being assessed and will have a sense of achievement because you are doing it yourself. If you are not ready, the programme will identify any shortfalls you have thus enabling you to attend to them.

The system is suitable for small family businesses and large companies, as well as public, private and voluntary sector organisations. If you are unsure about the savings you can make, ask for a quote from a consultant for doing the work for you, and then compare. unlimited membership costs £395. (excluding VAT)


After mapping your key processes, the main document that you need to produce is your Quality Manual, which is essential for certification and will be generated from a questionnaire. You will be asked questions followed by acceptable answers as examples, and then you will be given the opportunity to amend the examples or else give your own responses which will be stored and converted into a Quality Manual for your use. You will only need basic Microsoft Word skills to use it: a low cost alternative to having a consultant do it for you.


Easy to follow and simple to use technology gives you the opportunity of producing your own documentation, with the flexibility to work at your own pace when you can afford the time. It saves you £1000s in consultation fees as it is a low cost way of achieving ISO 9001.

Please remember: whether you choose or traditional consultancy, installing a Quality Management System is an effective management tool that enables you to control your business and optimise its performance.


  • Pay the introductory fee of £395
  • Register on the website
  • Receive an authorisation email
  • Get started at the portal.