Q. If we commission a consultant to formulate our documents, at least we can get on with our work and leave the consultant to get on with it, can’t we?

A. This may not be so, because the consultant will know nothing about your business and so you will need to afford time to spend with him/her to describe and show how your business operates.

Q. If we choose the CADMUS.pro system we will have to ensure we can allocate the time to complete it, won’t we?

A. Yes but the programme allows you to stop and restart when you are ready and saves your work. You can work in your own time.

Q. Will a consultant be able to allocate the certification?

A. No, the consultant will prepare you for your visit from the certification company and produce your documents. The consultant may take you further if you pay them to, but you will still need to commission a certification company, such as ISOQAR Ltd, to receive the certificate.

Q. Will we need to be experts in Microsoft word to use CADMUS.pro?

A. No. You will need some basic skills such as text boxes and headers/footers, but these are explained in the programme. Copying and pasting is also required.

Q. We would like ISO9001 but we are changing some of our processes in the next twelve months, so it would not be worth it until we have completed the changes, wouldn’t it?

A. It doesn’t matter. Your process documents are a “snap shot” of how you do things now and not “cast in stone”. You can document your processes now and change them when it is time to do so. You do not need to get the company back in whenever you change something. It is natural for processes to change along the way; it might be cause for concern if they didn’t.

Q. What if the certification company does not like some of our processes, can they make us change them?

A. No. The company will not ask you to change your processes. They will check that you are carrying out your work as you have described in your processes. They may offer some advice and suggestions for improvement, which is great, but it’s up to you whether you accept them.

Q. Will we need to produce more documents if we choose the CADMUS.pro system?

A. No, either way you choose you will need the same documents ready for inspection. A certification company will not be interested in how your documents are produced. They are interested in seeing that you manage your business as you have described in your documents which should be in accordance with ISO 9001.